Childrens Equipment...

As well as having somewhere to sleep and eat, we know it is all the other kids’ stuff needed that can make going away from home seem like a mission to the moon (with more kit than Neil Armstrong ever needed!).

We make sure you’ll have buggies, changing mats, baby monitors and potty/toilet seat/step plus poolside play area and if needed a baby paddling pool. And for smaller children there will be all sorts of goodies from bottle sterilisers, blenders, baby gyms, baby beach tents and even a few spare nappies and wipes in case of emergencies.

We only put in the villa the things you actually need so you aren’t tripping over equipment unnecessarily.

You’ll have lots of toys, children’s’ books and DVDs because kids love nothing better than something new to play with. We’ll make sure that there are age-appropriate toys for your little ones, or not-so-little ones, to enjoy!